The ultimate mobile concierge

Complimentary full-featured smartphone with a range of features designed to give guests everything they need to explore a new city

The revolutionary hospitality tool to drive hotel revenue and push brand engagement directly to guests

The next evolution in guest management technology to track, engage and accommodate the modern traveller

Direct-to-guest promotion

Boost hotel revenue and grow brand engagement with call-to-action features sent direct to your guests through their Genie devices.

Unmissable advertising opportunities

With exclusive offers, you can advertise the latest and greatest deals from local businesses to customers.

Integration with your HMS

Streamline your current HMS by integrating with Genie. Use the control hub to track handsets, send hotel updates and increase guest visibility.

Clean guest analytics

Utilise guest analytics to gain actionable insights and tailor subsequent interactions to suit their unique requirements.

Room key integration

Integrate Genie phones with your hotel room keys to streamline guest verification.

Centralised customer feedback

Enhance your online reputation with a direct connection to online review platforms.

A richer travel experience

Genie for your business


  • Unmissable partnership opportunities with local businesses
  • Targeted advertising to drive ancillary hotel revenue
  • Actionable analytics for unparalleled guest insights
  • Clean integration with native hotel management system
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Genie for your guests


  • Unlimited data for complete connectivity
  • Incredible apps for the ultimate travel experience
  • Exclusive promotions for the best local deals
  • Detailed interactive maps for city-wide navigation
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Data hotspot

Give your guests the freedom to enjoy unlimited connectivity wherever they go


Free calls and texts

Enable guests to stay in touch with friends and family on the go with unlimited calls and texts


Tour guide

Let guests discover the hidden secrets of a city with detailed maps and navigation tools



Speak the language of the locals with access to state-of-the-art translation tools

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