Automation of the hotel check-in desk

Is the hotel check-in desk about to be replaced by automation?

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After some industry figures speculated the hotel of the future could do away with front desks altogether, there was an uproar from experts and consumers alike. But in this hyper-competitive…

How has the luxury hospitality industry adapted to the modern age?

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The past decade has seen a remarkable change in the hospitality industry. The near ubiquitous use of smartphones, the shift to all things digital, the growth of the sharing economy,…

Woman using electric device in hotel room

The smart guide to increasing sustainability in your hotel

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The hospitality sector is at a critical point. While the industry has experienced a steady lift in revenues in the past decade, margins have remained razor thin and, in some…

Using a hospitality CRM to manage hotel services & up-selling

How to integrate a hospitality CRM into your Hotel Management System

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Customer relationship management is a constantly evolving concept, and while the core concept remains the same across industries – managing every engagement opportunity to build and increase loyalty – each…

How can the hotel industry adapt to the sharing economy?

Is the sharing accommodation economy destroying the hospitality industry?

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As more customers opt for an Airbnb style experience, hotels are having to adapt their model to provide a more personalised experience. But are they fighting a losing battle? The…

Bags of exotic spices in local market

5 reasons to get to know a new country through it’s food

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What’s the fastest way to get the pulse of a country? Some people argue that to truly understand a culture, one must live and work with the native population. Those…

Boutique retro hotel sign against blue sky

What do millennial travellers expect from the hospitality industry?

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The face of the modern hotel guest is changing. The industry must adapt before non-traditional accommodation takes over. The hospitality industry lives and dies on anticipating what customers want. But…

Using a luxury hotel smartphone with apps to help you discover tourist destinations

Top 10 apps to help you discover the best side of a new city

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Visiting a new destination is thrilling, but finding your way around an unfamiliar city can be a daunting task. You want to discover a city’s hidden pleasures but, of course,…

Using mobile internet while travelling on a motorbike

Why permanent guest connectivity is the final frontier in travel

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The modern traveller expects information at their fingertips at all times – the hospitality sector must step up to give guests the connectivity they crave. With the huge strides we’ve…