Direct to guest

Add, manage, schedule and send ads in moments


Easily add new promotions, businesses and events


Create responsive ad-campaigns at the touch of a button


Promote the latest offers from your in-hotel amenities


Reduce advertising costs while boosting revenues

Intuitive, responsive, simple

Upload the latest ads at the touch of a button, launch new ad-campaigns and manage promotions through one centralised system.

Personalised marketing

Create unique ads with custom promotions to engage with guests on a deeper level.

Using a luxury hotel smartphone with apps to help you discover tourist destinations

Engage guests on the go

Enable geo-notifications to provide guests with location specific venue updates.

Using data in hospitality to inform guest offers

Harness data

Remotely manage Genie devices and track in-hotel conversions with simple clean metrics.


Exclusive promotions

A richer travel experience for guests, increased revenues for your hotel

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