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Using a Hospitality CRM to augment the hotel experience

The hospitality industry has undergone a seismic shift in the past decade, and nowhere has this change been more apparent than in the technologies used to shape the guest experience. Of course, different hotels have adopted different technologies, with varying levels of success, and nowhere is the diversity in approaches more apparent than in the customer relationship model (CRM).

The modern hospitality CRM goes well beyond creating a database of guest information; it’s about measuring how the entire structure of hotel operations contributes to the guest experience. From using data to understand how guests engage with the hotel before their arrival to developing future marketing strategies to measuring the impact of collaborations with OTAs on your ROI, the modern CRM is an essential asset not just to the guest experience, it’s integral to the continued success of your hotel.

For hotels to truly succeed in 2018, they must be ready to offer service that goes above and beyond expectations. As hospitality CRMs and personalisation tools become more common features in the industry, those expectations are only going to increase.

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Using CRM data to develop sustainable initiatives for your hotel

AI can revitalise operational hotel dynamics

In the hyper-competitive hospitality industry, any new development that can streamline processes without damaging the hotel brand should be welcomed with open arms. While still in its infancy, AI and the Internet of Things have quickly become indispensable tools for the industry. Looking at the growing demand for automated technologies, it’s clear we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of AI’s role in hospitality.

From centralising every element of hotel operations to delivering a hyper-personalised stay for every guest, AI and machine-learning have the potential to completely redefine what a hotel is capable of. Not only this, but these technologies are fast earning a reputation as the most versatile solution to streamline in-house operations and reduce overall outgoing costs.

As hotels increasingly turn to automated processes in their search for the most affordable, flexible and effective guest engagement tool, the true value of AI in hospitality is only going to become more apparent.

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Using AI in your hotel

Technology can bring home comforts to your hotel

Technology isn’t just a means of streamlining processes behind the scenes, it’s also essential to creating an environment in which guests feel totally at ease. The traditional idea of creating a ‘home away from home’ for guests has transformed as the common features of a home become more advanced.  

Guests now bring an average of five personal devices away with them when travelling. Hotels, in turn, need to be able to cater to the additional requirements these personal devices entail.

In a world of interconnected, cloud-based networks, guests can now expect to use their own Netflix account to watch their favourite shows from the comfort of their hotel room, to enjoy the same room temperature settings as they do back home and to be able to use their own personal devices for everything from opening their hotel room door to paying for in-hotel amenities.

More and more, guests expect a personalised experience capable of catering to their unique interests. Hotels with the technical infrastructure in place to meet these interests will see their innovations repaid through more bookings, better reviews and a deeper understanding of their guests in general.

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A luxury hotel room, probably

Sustainable travel is only just getting started

The latest global Sustainable Travel Report from Booking.com has arrived, and it’s packed with interesting statistics with repercussions for the entire travel industry. Commissioned in anticipation of Earth Day (April 22nd), the report surveyed more than 12,000 respondents across 12 markets on everything from changing purchasing habits abroad to the eco-inspirations drawing tourists to new locations.

Among some of the highlights found in the report were:

  • 87% of travellers asked said they want to travel sustainably
  • 39% claimed that they often or always manage to travel sustainably
  • 68% of travellers intend to stay in an eco-accommodation in 2018 (up from 65% in 2017 and 62% in 2016)
  • 67% of travellers would be willing to spend at least 5% more on their travel to ensure their stay had as little an impact on the environment as possible

The report offered some valuable insights for the industry and, more generally, it proved there is a growing appetite for eco-travel. Travel agents, tour guides and hoteliers would do well to take notice and consider how they can begin to introduce sustainable elements to their services now.

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Lake shot with shoes of sustainable traveller

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